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Appellate practice Areas

At Jaleel Law, our Appellate attorney assist clients with all appellate-related aspects of litigation. We regularly undertake full responsibility for handling appeals; on other occasions, we advise our colleagues and clients on how best to conduct their own appellate work. We are always able to draw upon the extraordinary breadth of substantive legal knowledge offered by our Attorney, who between them are active in virtually every conceivable practice area.

In appellate work, as in all the litigation and dispute resolution services of our litigators, our focus is on applying the full resources of the firm in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to meet your needs. Where necessary, our representation can include a team of attorneys that efficiently blend appellate and trial experience from a cross-section of disciplines and industry groups. In appropriate matters, our Appellate attorneys are involved in strategizing during all phases of the litigation process, in order to ensure that the case is best positioned for appellate success even while pursuing effective dispute resolution in trial.


Civil appeals encompass a wide variety of cases. Essentially, any direct appeal other than in a criminal case falls under the civil appeal umbrella.


Criminal appeals occur one of two ways. The first occurs when the State files an interlocutory appeal after losing a pre-trial motion.


Being convicted of a criminal offense is a life-altering event. Likewise, losing a civil judgment can lead to bankruptcy and financial ruin.


A habeas corpus petition is a writ that seeks post-conviction relief in federal court.


Wrongful convictions are unfortunately a fact of the criminal justice. This ugly fact is so prevalent 


Post-trial motions are a critical aspect of a direct appeal. Ideally, an appeals lawyer


An appeal to the either the Supreme Court of Illinois or the United States Supreme


A wrongful conviction can tear a family apart but it doesn’t have to be that way.


For a whole host of different reasons default judgments get entered against litigants


With an admirable track record of success in appellate cases, Jaleel Law P.C. Appellate Practice is uniquely qualified to craft and execute successful appeals for our clients.

Attorney Jaleel have successfully argued and briefed appellate cases on behalf of clients in state and federal courts of review. Our deep appellate expertise allows us to tell our clients’ stories through facts, a deep understanding of the law, and an appreciation of the issues involved with each case. Mr.Jaleel is a Former Prosecutor and he brings that experience to bear on appellate matters for our clients.

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