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2-1401 PETITIONSFor a whole host of different reasons default judgments get entered against litigants. In criminal cases defendants may miss court dates or in civil cases, a litigant may miss a filing deadline or fail to answer a complaint resulting in a default judgment being entered against him or her.

2-1401 Petitions: Default Judgments Older Than 30 Days

Default judgments that have been in effect for more than 30 days are final. The only method available to vacate a final default judgment that is beyond 30 days is by filing a 2-1401 petition. A 2-1401 petition is found in the Code of Civil Procedure at Section 2-1401, hence the name. Section 2–1401 allows for relief from final judgments more than 30 days after their entry, provided the petition proves by a preponderance of evidence certain elements. The 2-1401 must be supported by affidavit or other appropriate showing as to matters not contained in the appellate record.

To obtain relief under section 2-1401, the petitioner must affirmatively set forth specific factual allegations supporting each of the following elements:

(1) the existence of a meritorious defense or claim;

(2) due diligence in presenting this defense or claim to the circuit court in the original action; and

(3) due diligence in filing the section 2-1401 petition for relief

Time to File a 2-1401 Petition

Strict timelines apply to when a 2-1401 petition must be filed. Generally, a 2-1401 petition must be filed within 2 years from the date that the trial court entered the default judgment. However, exceptions exist to the 2-year deadline. For example, void judgments can be vacated at any time by any party.

Individuals that are under a legal disability must file a 2—1401 petition within 2-years from the time that they are not suffering from the legal disability. Additionally, any time when the ground for relief was fraudulently concealed does not count against the 2-year period.


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