What Is A Criminal Appeal?

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Criminal appeals occur one of two ways. The first occurs when the State files an interlocutory appeal after losing a pre-trial motion. The other way is after a defendant is convicted following a trial. Jaleel Law P.C. from Chicago, Illinois knows what it takes to win we are led by a former appellate prosecutor who knows what your opponent on appeal is thinking and what their course of action will be on appeal. This inside information is what sets Jaleel Law P.C. apart and it can be the difference between whether you enjoy your freedom and your family or whether you remain in prison.

We Have Shaped Illinois Law With Our Criminal Appeals.

Criminal Appeals cover a variety of different appellate litigation and we have the experience to handle them all. We have handled and we can help you with filing:

  • Direct Appeals
  • Post-Conviction Petitions
  • Writs
  • Post-Trial Motions
  • Supreme Court Appeals
  • 2-1401 Petitions

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There are very specific qualifications that must be met before filing a criminal appeal. Except for a few limited situations, a criminal appeal is not an option available to anyone who pleads guilty. Therefore, anyone who is found guilty following either a bench or jury trial can file a criminal appeal. Additionally, a defendant can appeal only final orders entered by the trial court. What that means is that a defendant can file an appeal only after being found guilty. Most importantly, the rules related to filing a criminal appeal contain strict timelines from when you must file a notice of appeal to how long you have before your appellate brief must be filed with the court.

At Jaleel Law P.C. we know how to navigate the procedural hurdles that must be met before fling a criminal appeal. We will investigate your entire trial record from the pleadings, the exhibits filed, the written and oral evidence, to the trial transcripts. Once we analyze every page of the appellate record we will create an appellate brief on your behalf that properly argues and presents all the errors that occurred in your trial- and we can promise you, errors occurred in your trial.

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