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POST TRIAL MOTIONS IN THE STATE OF ILLINOISPost-trial motions are a critical aspect of a direct appeal. Ideally, an appeals lawyer should be hired immediately upon a finding of guilty and the appeals attorney should play an important role in the drafting of the post-trial motions. Post-trial motions are filed after a jury has returned a finding of guilty. The purpose of post-trial motions is to alert the judge of errors that occurred during your trial. The post-trial motion serves to establish that your trial was not fair or that the jury returned an incorrect verdict. Post-trial motions are meant to ensure that errors are corrected as soon as possible. Therefore, a successful post-trial motion can obviate the need to even file an appeal.

Types of Post-Trial Motions in Illinois

Various post-trial motions exist. However, the most common post-trial motions are:

  1. Motion for a new trial;
  2. Motion to reconsider sentence;
  3. Motion to dismiss;
  4. Motion for judgment of acquittal;
  5. Motion for a trial order of dismissal; and
  6. Motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict.

Importance of Post-Trial Motions

Illinois Supreme Court requires that a motion for a new trial to be filed before filing an appeal. Additionally, the Rules state that anything not raised in the motion for a new trial cannot be raised on appeal. Furthermore, if you want to challenge the sentence on appeal then the Illinois Supreme Court Rules require you to file a motion to reconsider sentence. In a nutshell, filing weak post-trial motions or failing to list an error can result in you not being able to argue that error on appeal. The Rules regarding the filing of post-trial motions are also different depending on whether you had a jury trial or a bench trial.

Post-trial motions are an important part of a direct appeal in both criminal appeals and civil appeals. A good post-trial motion frames the appeal and is the first opportunity to attack a wrong decision. However, a bad post-trial motion can cripple your appeal. Failing to preserve an issue can cause you to forfeit it on appeal.

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If you have been found guilty of a crime, it is not to late to get the justice that you deserve. We can file the appropriate post-trial motions on your behalf and we will comb through every aspect of your case to see if you received a fair and impartial trial. Our goal is to win when we file a post-trial motion and we have avoiding the need to even file an appeal.

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