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ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT REVIEWAn appeal to the either the Supreme Court of Illinois or the United States Supreme Court (“the Supremes”) is not an easy endeavor. For starters, the Supreme Court does not have to hear your case. Unlike a direct appeal, where you have a right to have an  appellate court hear your appeal regardless of how frivolous it maybe, the Supremes decides which cases it wants to hear. Because of this, the vast majority of appeals filed in either Supreme Court are rejected and never considered.

When Does the Supreme Court Hear an Appeal?

Except in certain limited cases such as when a trial court rules a law unconstitutional, the Supreme Court only considers appeals that have been decided by the appellate courts. However, the Supreme Court’s main concern is not whether the appellate court decided correctly; rather, the concern is to resolve disputes among the various appellate courts. The Supreme Court usually will not take a case unless it involves unsettled issues of law or issues that carry ramifications beyond whether the appellate or trial court ruled correctly.

However, getting the Supreme Court to accept your case is only the beginning of the battle. When the Supreme Court grants your petition to leave to appeal in Illinois or writ of certiorari in federal case it is not deciding the case, rather all the Court is saying is that it is willing to consider your case by allowing you to file an appellate brief.

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