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OVERTURN YOUR WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS A wrongful conviction can tear a family apart but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even after you have been convicted various different types of post-conviction relief exist.
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Even if you have lost on appeal options exist to remedy the wrongs that occurred in your trial. What options exist in your case depend upon whether you are facing state or federal charges. State defendants have a few extra options available to them because they can attack their wrongful conviction in state and federal court; whereas, federal defendants can only attack their incarceration in federal court.

Whether you are wrongfully incarcerated in state or federal prison, we have the know-how to change your situation. We can help you file in state or federal court:

  1. Direct Appeals in Criminal Cases
  2. Post-Conviction Petitions
  3. 2-1401 Petitions
  4. Habeas Corpus Petitions

We have the experience that you need if you are fighting a wrongful incarceration. As a former appellate prosecutor, we know what the State is thinking, we know their tricks, and we are not afraid to fight them because after all, we were them. Whatever your situation is or wherever you are in fighting your case, we can step in and fight for the justice that you deserve. We will keep you and your family informed about your case and where we are in the process of filing on your behalf.


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